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Unique gravel featuring an exquisite range of emerald colors with green bluish shades for an ideal contrast with green plants.


Emerald Gravel is a truly unique and versatile substrate that brings the lush richness of emerald colors to your creations, a beautiful green bluish shade to any aquarium or terrarium. Its small, smooth pebbles are perfect for stream or river biotopes or as a detailed element in aquascapes. The natural beauty of this gravel, especially when wet, contrasts remarkably with green plants, enhancing the overall visual effect.

Emerald Gravel is an excellent choice for planted tanks, as it does not affect water hardness. The varying shades within the gravel allow for the creation of natural-looking environments. The gravel can be used standalone or combined with other gravels and stones, an ideal companion to our Jade Stone and Titan Stone or Boulder. Its unique green bluish hues match perfectly with the color tones of these stones, enriching the color shades and textures of the aquascape, adding depth and dimension to your scenery. The vibrant Emerald Gravel creates a harmonious contrast and provides a visually stimulating and cohesive base. Its ability to blend seamlessly and enhance these stones’ aesthetics makes Emerald Gravel a sought-after choice for those desiring a truly captivating and professional-looking aquascape.

Emerald Gravel comes in three size mixes (S, Mix, and L) to suit a wide array of aquarium and terrarium layouts. The S size mix ranges from 5-15mm, the Mix size ranges from 5-30mm, and the L size ranges from 10-30mm. Pre-washed for convenience, this gravel is ready to use right out of the bag.

  • Color: Emerald, green bluish shades
  • Texture: Smooth pebbles
  • Stone size: Available in three size mixes (S, Mix, and L) ranging from 5-15mm (S), 5-30mm (Mix), and 10-30mm (L)
  • Water hardness: Does not affect water hardness
  • Packing: Available in 2 kg bags
  • Unique range of emerald, green bluish shades
  • Small to mid-size smooth pebbles
  • Ideal for stream or river biotopes and aquascapes
  • Excellent for planted tanks, as it does not affect water hardness
  • Can be used standalone or mixed with other gravels and stones
  • Perfect match for Jade and Titan stones or boulders.
  • Does not affect water hardness
  • Emerald gravel can be used in both aquatic and terrarium environments, as a standalone substrate or mixed with other sands, gravels, or biotope beds.
  • Pre-washed for your convenience, it can be used without rinsing. However, if preferred, you may rinse it with water before adding it to your aquarium to remove any remaining dust or particles.
  • Any floating particles can be gently removed by passing a net over the water surface.
  • Safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals.


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