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Isopod Lodge

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From $29.99

Each kit includes:

  • Microvarium (8x4x4in)
  • 5 isopods of your choice (optional)
  • Cork bark pieces
  • a random botanical
  • Micrograzer Foundation soil
  • Micrograzer Staple
  • New Zealand Sphagnum moss
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Magnifying glass
Your choice of isopods:
A 10% discount is automatically applied to isopods purchased with the lodge. The total price below will reflect the total amount for your Isopod Lodge configuration with the chosen isopods. The gift card option below allows you to gift the habitat kit without worrying about the live isopods and let the recipient choose their own isopods. Simply choose "I do not need this" for your isopod selection and choose a gift card value instead.
Gift card option:
A 10% discount is automatically applied to gift cards purchased with the lodge. The gift card option allows you to gift the habitat kit without worrying about the live isopods and let the recipient choose their own isopods. Gift cards can be used on all products except merchandise.
Isopod Explorer Guide:
The Isopod Explorer Guide is a downloadable PDF, created to help your child learn about isopods in a fun, interactive way. Perfectly complements your Isopod Lodge!

Give your isopods a home where they can thrive that also allows you and your kids to observe them and learn about pill bug life first-hand! Our Isopod Lodge has everything you’ll need to set up a sustainable habitat.

Our Isopod Lodge is designed to provide all the fundamentals to help your isopods thrive while giving you a means to observe them in a beautiful habitat. This isopod terrarium kit comes with everything you need: substrate, a source of nutrients, decor/botanical, cork bark, sphagnum moss, and (optionally) five roly poly’s of your choice! Each Microvarium also comes with a magnifying glass to observe your isopods up close. Also consider the optional Isopod Explorer Guide, an educational PDF download to help your kids learn about pill bug life! Your kit contains of everything to spark creative habitat design and create an environment for happy and healthy isopods. The Microvarium Isopod Lodge is very easy to maintain: just add food once a week and make sure the sphagnum moss is still damp. Highly engaging, educational, and fun! STEM.org authenticated and selected as 1 of 18 winners out of 4300 submissions for the Best in STEM 2022 Award.

STEM - Microvarium STEM.org Authenticated

Each habitat kit includes:

  • Microvarium (approximately 8x4x4in)
  • 5 isopods or a gift card of your choice at a 10% discount (optional)
  • Cork bark pieces
  • Random botanical (look at our botanicals page for possibilities but may include others not (yet) offered on the website)
  • Micrograzer Foundation soil (contains two sources of calcium and leaf litter for optimal isopod health)
  • Micrograzer Staple (contains a source of calcium and provides complete nutrition for isopods)
  • Premium sphagnum moss
  • Instructions
  • Magnifying glass
  • Isopod Explorer Guide (optional)

If you are new to the isopod hobby, reach out to us at help@microvarium.com and we will help you decide which isopods are right for you! Looking for a barebones microhabitat? We have that too!

If you are a teacher or educator, reach out to us at edu@microvarium.com for custom pricing and configuring your Microvarium habitat kits to the needs of your class.

1 review for Isopod Lodge

  1. Benett Grove (verified owner)

    It is amazing I love all of it!!! It is a perfect enclosure for isopods!

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