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Zebra Isopods

Armadillidium maculatum ‘Zebra’

$1.79 each

State restrictions prevent us from shipping this species to Florida.

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Very beautiful species that is loved by beginners and experts alike.

Armadillidium maculatum is a robust species of isopod that grows to a just under an inch long. Zebra isopods have fairly short antennae compared to other isopods. They owe their common ‘Zebra’ name to the beautifully contrasting black and white striping (duh). Armadillidium maculatum are not very skittish and are often observable crawling on the substrate and decor in their enclosure.

Zebra isopods are native to the Mediterranean and Southern France, where they roam deciduous forests. They do well in an environment with a dry side filled with (cork) bark pieces or rotting wood, leaf litter, and a smaller area (about 20% off the enclosure) with damp sphagnum moss.  They are heavy calcium consumers, so a source of calcium is crucial.


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