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Peraccae Isopods

Armadillidium peraccae

$1.49 each

State restrictions prevent us from shipping this species to Florida, Louisiana, or Oregon.

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A great beginners choice for an isopod that will be highly observable.

Armadillidium peraccae make up what they lack in color by having an outgoing personality, bumpy carapace, ease-of-keeping, and being quick breeders. They grow to just shy of an inch and like most isopods from the Mediterranean, do well in semi-arid environments. In our experience, they do quite well in more humid enclosures, making them a great choice for a vivarium clean-up crew.

Great option for the Isopod Lodge if you want to observe your isopods without disturbing the enclosure!


Temperature RangeHumidityVentilationAdult SizeOrigin
Medium0.70 in
1.8 cm



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